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The Story in Sundered.

Sundered is the story of a world torn apart by the rivalry between the Valkerie,a scientific milita, and the Eschatons, an underground religious cult.

For years, the world had been in steady decline. Disorder and despair ruled, and infrastructure had crumbled planet-wide. The bravest and brightest of the remaining humans formed the Valkerie Division, a group of top scientific and military minds united by a utopian vision: they would found a new city, a shining beacon upon which humanity could begin to rebuild. Lead by General Leonard Waters, the group eventually came upon a strange underground city in which people seemed to prosper despite the disaster that had befallen the world.

"Isn't it in human nature to want to progress?" - Gen. Leonard Waters

These were the Eschatons. As the world eroded around them, the pious Eschatons retreated into underground caves to worship The Elder One. They were guided by a 'holy stone' called the Shining Trapezohedron, which directed them to conduct a holy ritual to open a portal to the dimension in which their god dwells. With the rift opened, the Elder One could descend to earth, cleansing the world so humankind could begin anew.

The Shining Trapezohedron, the source of the Eschaton's prosperity, was immediately coveted by General Waters. He believed that the power of the Trapezohedron could be harnessed - perhaps even technologically augmented - for the greater good by the Valkerie. But there would be no compromise from the pious Eschaton and their high priestess Bhaloli Sael-yot, and the conflict over the Shining Trapezohedron became an all-out war.

It was a terrible conflict, but the aftermath was far worse. Twisted and tainted by the eldritch energy flooding from the unfinished portal, the Eschatons and Valkyries had transformed into something unrecognizable... something inhuman. And in their underground city they still dwell, patiently awaiting for their god to be freed...

Eshe, wandering through the ruined world above, is drawn into this underground city. Fighting her way through its now unrecognizable denizens, she is guided by the Shining Trapezohedron to again conduct the ritual to free the Elder One. Along the way, she must choose whether to give in to the Trapezohedron's corruption and be freed, or destroy the Elder Shards, and be trapped in the cursed city forever.