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These are the Abilities in Sundered:

Valkyrie Abilities[edit | edit source]

Throughout the world, there are seven Ability Shrines containing "devices" left behind by the Valkyries, which the player can discover and use. These abilities are necessary in order to proceed throughout the world.

If left uncorrupted, they are the standard abilities available to the player.

Elder Shards[edit | edit source]

As the player navigates through the world, they will encounter bosses and minibosses. Main bosses drop a full Elder Shard upon defeat, while minibosses drop Elder Shard fragments. There are also Elder Shard fragments hidden in the various zones of the game. There are seven Elder Shards in total that can be discovered or assembled.

Players can use these shards to Embrace, taking Elder Shards to Ability Shrines to corrupt the associated ability, or they can Resist, destroying the Elder Shards in the Incinerator for normal shards and opening another upgrade branch on the ability tree.

Standard / Corrupted Abilities[edit | edit source]

Deflecting Shield / Mi-Go Shield[edit | edit source]


Protects you from incoming damage. Slowly regenerates if no damage is taken over time.

"When the world still prospered, we were a band of mercenaries. The name Leonard Waters had a reputation, and we lived up to it."
- General Leonard Waters, I of VII


Absorbs damage, which is then reflected upon your enemies.

"Mother Ishaela Bha'gor, who is said to be immortal, brought prosperity to the Eschaton for hundreds of years."
- Eschaton Scribe Lo-Ya Ygllalau, I of VII

Mi-Go Shield.jpg

Leaping Device / Z'Toggua's Wings[edit | edit source]


Grants a second jump while airborne.

"We traveled around, doing jobs for cash. We had a strict personal code, and no one had power over us. Life was good."
- General Leonard Waters, II of VII


Gives you the power to glide while airborne.

"She has received the blessings of the lower gods. Her powers fight to bring freedom to our slumbering deity."
- Eschaton Scribe Lo-Ya Ygllalau, II of VII

Z'Toggua's Wings.jpg

Valkyrie Cannon / Armageddon[edit | edit source]


A powerful weapon, with tremendous recoil. Its bullets pierce enemies and obstacles.

"Then came the first signs of decay. People started getting sick, dying young. Natural disasters occurred, as if mother nature herself was lashing out at us."
- General Leonard Waters, III of VII


A charged beam of eldritch energy. Its blaze pierces everything.

"But the world decayed. Brought upon by the foolishness of man. We needed help beyond Mother's powers to survive."
- Eschaton Scribe Lo-Ya Ygllalau, III of VII


Strength Amplifier / Ghatanothoa's Strength[edit | edit source]


A charged melee attack of colossal strength that annihilates obstacles and enemies.

"Governments profited from the plague. They invented vaccines that didn't work. Corruption was rampant. The world deteriorated."
- General Leonard Waters, IV of VII


A heavy melee attack that can be charged longer to smash your enemies with the force of the Elder Gods.

"One day came a tall, slim and well-spoken man. Nyarlathotep was the name he used."
- Eschaton Scribe Lo-Ya Ygllalau, IV of VII

Ghatanothoa's Strength.jpg

Propulsion Engine / Azathoth's Breath[edit | edit source]


A lightning-fast dash that can be used while airborne.

"Eventually, our indifference turned to anger. A fury towards those who should have helped instead of prospered."
- General Leonard Waters, V of VII


An eldritch dash in any direction that can be used while airborne.

"He gifted us a Holy Stone that would forever change the fate of our people. It allowed us to delve into a world unseen."
- Eschaton Scribe Lo-Ya Ygllalau, V of VII

Azathoth's Breath.jpg

Gravitational Boots / Atlach-Nacha's Grip[edit | edit source]


Climb up walls from a running start.

"And so we recruited more and more people, rising against the government. We were cast out as rebels, but were the only ones fighting for justice."
- General Leonard Waters, VI of VII


Morphs you into a six legged beast, gifting you the ability to navigate walls more freely.

"We found our great god and his many servants. We relentlessly worshiped them, offering sacrifices in return for power."
- Eschaton Scribe Lo-Ya Ygllalau, VI of VII

Atlach-Nacha's Grip.jpg

Grappling Hook / Eldritch Pull[edit | edit source]


Latch onto hooks or enemies to violently propel yourself into the air.

"It took many years, and many losses, but, in the end, we prevailed. Out of the revolution was born the Valkyrie Division."
- General Leonard Waters, VII of VII


Latch onto hooks or enemies to violently propel yourself into the air. A second explosion propels you further.

"And so Mother Ishaela Bha'gor started the Holy Ritual, which would free our deity and purge this world of its impurities."
- Eschaton Scribe Lo-Ya Ygllalau, VII of VII

Eldritch Pull.jpg

Additional Abilities[edit | edit source]

Four extra abilities can be found and unlocked around the map, regardless of Embrace / Resist decisions. They can be unlocked either by solving puzzles or making your way through an area.

All of them are denoted on the map using by the following image, except for the Stinger ability.

Stinger[edit | edit source]

Attack immediately after rolling to perform a powerful forward lunge.

Unlocked by discovering the Corrupted Remains, which is in The Pit, an endless horde zone.

Negociator[edit | edit source]

The cost of every upgrade has been reduced by 20%.

Found in the Treasury of the Valkyrie Base.

Spelled as written in the game.

Warlord[edit | edit source]

Your Finishers' area of effect is now 50% larger and their damage has increased.

Found in Kht'aetag Vehtaglw', Eschaton's Bethel, which can be found in the area on the map above the main boss in the Holy City.

Negator[edit | edit source]

You are now immune to the wind's pushing power and take 20% reduced damage from environment obstacles.

Found in Ht'ae lifh Vehsh, the Hall of Bells, which is directly to the left of the top level of the elevator.